Both Shannon and Jennifer have been working together within the energetic fields for over 10 years and are called at this time to bring forth access to group work to increase the light quotient within your energetic field. By creating a sacred group space to present through the reset energies of the new fields of Illumination presenting. This will be a charged space where one is able to come in and infuse to exactly is called for the field balance then dropping back out to run autonomous reorder. We welcome you if you are new to energy work or more progressed within your light work.  

Shannon Fry owns a healing studio based in Los Angeles, CA, USA where she provides acupuncture and bio energetic healing combinations. If you are located in LA and which to experience in person work or if you wish to work remotely here is her website link below with more details. 

Jennifer Templeman provides an online energetic remote healing service CreatedbyIndigo she is based in Montreal QC, CA.