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Welcome to Wings!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Hello and welcome to our new space to provide energetic shares for energetic transmission.

We have worked together for the past 10 years to come through the ascension transits observing and recognizing our unique placement and timing within the collective fields.

We have held to maintain energetic signatures of purity and resilience through the changing times and it is our deepest joy to share the light flow expressions with others.

From within this space we will serve to hold the light for others to access and acclimatize into their unique vibrations. This is to fill our cups and to allow our natural courses of integration to adjust.

We shall begin with twice weekly sessions of 30 minute intervals. The session will be recorded and posted here on the site for purchase for those unable to attend the live version. There will be no archive of the records. We work from within Divine Timing and those called to the work will be present as need be.

Many Blessings and looking forward to connecting and sharing.

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